Re: the SCP-Wiki’s statement

September 6, 2021
The Carlo

As some of you may have seen, The author of the Are We Cool Yet? GOI page on SCP-wiki released a statement condemning our group and what we do as seen below.

Exhibit of a rare genetic disorder which causes a normal human subject to transform into a humorless dick.

While we respect the authors right to their own opinion and their right to express it, we would like to issue the following corrections and clarifications:

Correction 1: We do not sell anything outside of t-shirts, stickers, and patches of our own designs. we showcase the artwork that we have made and collaborate together to make better and more complex art.

Correction 2: If you do art, and then stop; you were never an artist to begin with. You’re a guy who used to write fictional stories about a group that made dangerous art. We just said fuck it and made dangerous art, and much like you; we don’t control what people do with our work after its released into the world.

Clarification 1: This is less of a clarification and more of a statement. We have a name in common with with a fictional group who also make dangerous art, and that’s where any accusation of “using your creative process” begins and ends. get the fuck over yourself dude.

Clarification 2: We never claimed to be good guys or bad guys. Whatever weird sides you’ve taken in whatever weird fight you’re fighting; we didn’t. We’re all just folks here.

Clarification 3: See image below

Exhibit of us adhering to the creative commons license, not out of respect for the SCP-Wiki, but out of respect for the license itself. Yes, a piece of paper commands more respect from us than you.

While we regret that you do not enjoy our preferred artistic style or medium. We recognize that is your problem, way more than it is ours. So we wish you the best with your creative process, and hope to further offend your delicate sensibilities far into the future.

So alas, pooryoric, I will extend an olive branch to end our brief acquaintanceship on amicable terms and I’ll ask you bluntly and within your own context,

Are We Cool Yet?

P.S; thanks for the laughs kid, but Art is not meant to be contained….

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