Join AWCY?

Joining Are We Cool Yet?

To join Are We Cool Yet? Just come on over to our team on Matrix. if you hang out with us and shoot the shit with us, thats all there is to it; if we can stand you, youre one of us, and if we can't then shape the fuck up because we have extremely loose standards.

The most popular Client for Matrix is Element. it is fairly secure and the more people on a channel, the laggier it can get. We're working on a better decentralized solution but in the meantime it's home. Heres a few things to get started on Element

Element is designed to be secure and because of that it suggests to “never send encrypted messages to unverified devices”

If you do this then you will either:

A) Need to manually verify over 2000 people’s encryption key taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes each.


B) turn off that goddamn setting.

If you need helping figuring out how to allow sending encrypted messages to unverified devices, please seee the Gif below and make sure the switch is greyed out. if it is green you did something wrong


Nobody there is eager to help people who come asking for files or trying to join the dev team just to get their hands on beta files. We prefer devs hang out with us before asking for a tour of the chocalate factory. If you legitimately dont know where to find our releases; click the GunCAD files link on the menu above

To answer other decorum questions in the order they were last asked;

  • no we dont want to be your private army (but we heard 4chan wants to..)
  • no we dont want to double our crypto in just 3 weeks with this one easy trick
  • No the guys in our lobby arent qualified to make official statements for the team
  • no we dont want to have some weird political purity test to get in
  • no we dont want to fantasize about “takin out the trash”
  • no we dont want to buy your jank ass autosear
  • yes <insert any politican here> IS trying to erode your rights
  • No, we have no plans of stopping our art. If you stop, you weren’t ever really an artist in the first place.

It happens in waves every now and then. if it looks like the conversation hasnt progressed in a day or so, then you probably need to go into the settings tab in element, and within there is an option called “clear cache” that should get it running correctly again but it will take a while for the rooms to load

Yes we miss our old home on Keybase. No, we cant go back there. No, it wasnt our fault. Yes, that isnt fair. Yes, if you donate $42,000,000 dollars we will 100% make an offer to Zoom to buy it back because that’s what it was rumored cost them.