About AWCY?

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Are We cool Yet? was officially founded in 1579 during a secret vote to leave the Illuminati after Illuminati leaders decided to suppress hip-hop for another 400 years.

He is known only as Carlo

We design ART. call them guns, kinetic sculptures, pew-pew go bangs, etc at the end of the day we apply our inspiration to our preferred medium and create something unique and beautiful

And that’s not a question. We’d know, we hold the patent for the question mark.

We have none, politics is a spectator sport and honestly, the uniforms are boing, so we never really got into it. We have some VERY strong opinions on the Amateur Bocce Ball Ball League over 75 division. However we’ve all agreed to not bring that up anymore.

No, we’re barely organized enough to run a chat room. Are YOU a militia?  …yeah doesn’t feel so good, does it?

Ask us yourself. We’re on matrix and you can check us out in our Matrix Space Here

Have we peaked your curiosity?

then enjoy this confusing video which we feel is a fine expression of what we are.

Art is NOT meant to be contained